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Licensing Training Requirements

Families willing to provide support and services to children or adults with developmental disabilities must first be licensed. At Unity, our experienced and caring staff will complete all necessary licensing and training requirements with the family. The licensing process can take up to three months to complete. Below is a list of general requirements that need to be met to consider licensure:

 1) All Members within the household will agree to become a licensed Child or Adult Developmental Home:
•   The decision to become a Developmental Home must be a family decision. Providing support to a child or adult with developmental disabilities will impact the entire family.
 2) Application:
•   Applicants interested in becoming licensed must be 21 years of age and can be single, married, divorced or widowed.
•   If married, both applicants must meet all of the requirements.
 3) Background Clearances:
•   Fingerprinting: All household members over the age of eighteen must be fingerprinted for a criminal history background check to ensure the child or adult will be safe within the home.
•   Child and Adult Protective Service: Unity will submit background checks for all household members to ensure the child or adult will be safe within the home.
•   References: Unity will submit personal and employment references to friends, family and employers of the applicant. Character references should be submitted by someone who has known the family for over one year and has regular contact with the family applying for licensure.
•   It is very important for applicants to be up front with Unity regarding their past criminal histories and or any contacts with DCS or APS. Falsification of any information is grounds to deny a license.
 4) Physician Statement:
•   Applicants and household members over the age of eighteen will need a physician statement completed. This ensures that applicants and family members are physically, emotionally and mentally stable and healthy to provider supports and services to children and adults that have developmental disabilities.
 5) Home Budget Form:
•   Applicants must complete a monthly home budget to ensure the financial needs of the current household are being met. Applicants must show proof of economic stability and security before another child or adult that have developmental disabilities can be placed within the home.
 6) Life Safety Inspection:
•   Applicants home must pass a Life Safety Inspection completed by Unity and the Office of Licensing, Regulation and Certification (OLCR) to ensure the home is safe for children or adults that have developmental disabilities. Unity will complete a mock inspection with families to help prepare them for their inspection.
•   Some examples of things that will be inspected include: Locked medications and cleaning supplies/toxins in the home; smoke detectors in all sleeping locations and one in a general area; a 2A-10BC or higher fire extinguisher located on each level of your home; hot water heater cannot exceed 120 degrees; pool or spa fencing; guns and ammunition locked separately from each other; useable exits from the home and general cleanliness of the home.
•   Applicants will also be responsible for drawing a floor plan and evacuation plan of their home.
•   Unity will also complete a vehicle inspection to ensure vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, heating and seatbelts. All vehicles utilized to transport individuals must be in safe operating order.
 7) Pre-Licensing Training:
•   Applicants must attend and participate in the pre-licensing training with Unity staff. Training ensures that applicants are appropriately trained to parent or provide support to a child or adult with disabilities. Applicants will learn about developmental disabilities, how to manage behavior, who to call for help and other important topics relating to children and adults with special needs.
•   For Child Developmental Home applicants, they must also participate in Foster Parent College.
•   Applicants must also obtain certification in Infant, Child and Adult CPR and First Aid on a regular basis.
•   All training classes are completed at Unity and are free of charge to applicants.
 8) Applicant’s Personal Documents:
•   Applicants will need to submit to Unity the following documentation:
      •   Arizona Driver’s Licenses
      •   Vehicle Insurance and Registration
      •   Household members Birth Certificates
      •   Household members Social Security Cards
      •   Marriage License/Divorce Degree
      •   Children’s Immunization Records
      •   Vaccinations for pets
      •   Bankruptcy Discharged Papers
 9) Home Study:
•   Applicants and their family will participate in the home study process by allowing Unity employees to interview applicants separately and together as a family. The home study is an autobiography of your life. Applicants will review and discuss with Unity their personal history, family relationships and their motivation to become Developmental Home providers.
•   The home study collects important information about the applicants, their past and their future.
 10) Completion of Licensing Process:
•   After everything is completed by the applicants and by Unity, the applicant’s file is submitted to OLCR for review. OLCR will review the applicant’s file and either approve or deny licensure. This review period can take up to thirty days. Once a license is issued, Unity will start looking for appropriate placement for the family.


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